Hello friends. Well, this is an exciting post! A couple of weeks ago I received an email from GHERGICH, which is a company that helps you promote ideas. They've recently teamed up with a digital health magazine called Health Perch and altogether have created a brush guide in order to help you use as well as clean properly your makeup brushes. 

I really thought the idea was brilliant and I got in contact with them because I wanted to share with you guys too their work. So without further ado here's the final project.  

One makeup brush can do almost everything—right? Wrong: All those different shapes, sizes, and textures can help you more expertly apply everything from powder to blush, making it so your makeup has the look and feel of a professional.

Take the strangely shaped but ever-so-helpful fan brush. It’s distinguished by the flaring of bristles at the top to create a curve; that design helps you brush on a light coat of powder, but it can also add welcome luminosity to your makeup when you use it with a highlighter.

On the opposite end of the shape spectrum in makeup brushes is the foundation brush: Its bristles are stubby and rounded. That helps it to apply denser foundation more evenly, which leads to a smoother finish.

Whatever your makeup routine, there’s a brush to help. But if you don’t have the right brush, you might end up frustrated—and with makeup that looks less than its best. Use this guide to get the most out of your makeup brush options.

This post was made in collaboration with GHERGICH and Health Perch.

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